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Hanover G.A.Open MeetingThursday7:00 PMSt. Lawrence Martyr
7850 Parkside Blvd. "The driveway to the church is along Parkside (past the circle)"
Hanover , MD, 2107616.6 miles
  • Meeting Room 145
*Temporarily closed due to the coronavirus*Open MeetingThursday1:00 PMKolmac Clinic
1 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD, 2120121.2 miles
  • Suite 602
Laurel G.A.Modified Closed MeetingWednesday7:30 PMHoly Trinity Lutheran Church
7607 Sandy Spring Road
Laurel, MD, 2070721.5 miles
Arbutus G.A.Modified Closed MeetingSaturday1:30 PMSt. Stephens Lutheran Church
901 Courtney Rd
Arbutus, MD, 2122721.3 miles
  • Wilkins Avenue & Courtney Road. Entrance on Courtney Road. Enter through Red Doors
  • Step Meeting First Saturday of Every Month
  • Anniversary Meeting Last Saturday of Every Month
*Temporarily closed due to the coronavirus*Modified Closed MeetingFriday8:00 PMPrince of Peace Lutheran Church
8212 Philadelphia Street
Rosedale, MD, 2123722.7 miles
Columbia G.A.Modified Closed MeetingTuesday7:30 PMThe Serenity Center
9650 Basket Ring Road
Columbia, MD, 2104523.9 miles
  • Comment Meeting
Camp Springs G.A.Modified Closed MeetingFriday7:00 PMBells Methodist Church
6016 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD, 2074625.5 miles
  • Branch Avenue & Allentown Road
  • Back or Side Entrance. Room #5
Baltimore G.A.Open MeetingMonday7:30-8:45 PMHiss United Methodist Church
8700 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD, 2123426.7 miles
  • At Putty Hill Meeting Room A
  • Enter building through door on lower left side of building
  • Meeting closed for Baltimore County School Holidays and Weather Closures
Washington D.C.Closed MeetingTuesday7:00 PMSecond Baptist Church
816 3rd St. NW
Washington, DC, 2000128.6 miles
  • Meetings resume August 24th. Walkable from Chinatown and Judiciary Square
  • Metro stations. Use southern door on 3rd street (no stairs). Masks requred per citywide order.
*Temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.*Modified Closed MeetingMonday8:00 PMMontgomery Hills Baptist Church
9727 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD, 2091029.2 miles
  • At Georgia Avenue & Rte. 495
  • Step Meeting.
  • Enter through side door facing parking lot.
  • Go up 1/2 flight of stairs. Room to the right.
Towson G.A.Modified Closed MeetingWednesday7:45 PMTowson United Methodist Church (Meeting in the parking lot)
501 Hampton Lane
Towson, MD, 2128629.3 miles
  • Dulaney Valley & Hampton Road, Exit 27N off of 695
  • pre-Meeting Step Group meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm,
  • 30 minutes prior to the regular meeting.
*Temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.*Closed MeetingThursday7:00 PMDupont Circle Club
1623 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC, 2000930 miles
  • Dupont Circle Metro Stop North Exit
  • Step Meeting
  • Up 1 flight of stairs. Meeting in the "Sun" Room
Bethesda G.A.Open MeetingSunday6:30 PMDel Ray Club
7611 Clarendon Rd.
Bethesda, MD, 2081432.4 miles
  • Entrance on Clarendon Rd. at lower back lot door.
  • Second Floor Center Room
  • Parking on Wilson Lane in front of Church and on Clarendon Rd.
Joppa G.A.Modified Closed MeetingTuesday7:30-9:00 PMMountain Christian Church (MOD 3)
1824 Mountain Road
Joppa, MD, 2108533.1 miles
  • Adjacent to the New Life Center
Waldorf G.A.Open MeetingWednesday7:00 PM
85 High Street
Waldorf, MD, 2060235.2 miles
Gaithersburg G.A.Modified Closed MeetingWednesday7:30 PMGood Shephard Lutheran Church (Meeting in Room 204)
16420 S. Westland Drive
Gaithersburg, MD, 2087738.2 miles
  • (Faces Route 355) Building is directly opposite Walnut Hill Shopping Center.
  • Enter through back off building, under awning
  • Go down hallway to the left
  • Comment Meeting
Springfield G.A.Closed MeetingWednesday7:30 - 9:00 PMSt. Christopher's Episcopal Church
6320 Hanover Avenue
Springfield, VA, 2215040.4 miles
  • Enter Hanover Entrance from parking lot with door in front of long stairway to Street
  • Steps to first room in basement
*Temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.*Modified Closed MeetingTuesday7:30-9:00 PMTrinity Presbyterian Church
651 Dranesville Road
Herndon, VA, 2017047.3 miles
  • Rooms 12 and 13 North back of Church (No steps)

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