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In most cities, Gam-Anon groups are flourishing. These groups are composed of men and women who are husbands, wives, relatives or close friends of compulsive gamblers. They are seeking a solution for living with this problem by changing their own lives. This is accomplished by:

  1. Spiritual growth through living by the Twelve Steps of Gam-Anon.
  2. Endeavoring to give encouragement and understanding to the G.A. member in the home.
  3. Welcoming and giving comfort to the families of compulsive gamblers.

They are made aware that by joining Gam-Anon, they help themselves and ought not join for the purpose of forcing their compulsive gambler into G.A. In truth, it often follows that when the family gains understanding of the problem and attends Gam-Anon faithfully, sooner or later the gambler comes to G.A. because of the lessened tensions in the home, and because he/she sees spiritual principles working which he/she decided can work for him/her, too. However, families are told not to expect this fortunate result, and that it is important that they come to Gam-Anon to find a new way of life for themselves.

As in G.A., participation by members only has become generally accepted, but in rare instances, the Gam-Anon group has invited a G.A. member to talk before their group. This is decidedly a "special event." There are several Gam-Anon pamphlets available which describe their activities and aims in further detail. They are available upon request to Gam-Anon ISO. Gam-Anon is several years old, and is not directly affiliated with G.A., though cooperation is essential and consistent. G.A. does not support Gam-Anon financially, nor does Gam-Anon support G.A.

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